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Spring Inspection
Saturday High Noon
The Aldrich's
28820 Orville Rd E
Orting, WA!

Taco Bar provided.
Bring your T and your glasses!

The annual Spring Inspection was conducted at Aldrich Acres Saturday. Jim Kelsey (and his son), Bill Maxwell, Mike Harris, Turbo Ted, Darren and Sue Wright along with John and Renea Aldrich were all in attendance. Sue came all the way from Ellensburg. Your effort is GREATLY appreciated!

We started out with a fabulous taco bar for lunch (provided by Renea Aldrich) mixed with a variety of stories and plain old fashioned lies. NO ONE went away hungry! Bill Maxwell of course provided one of his famous pies and there were other desserts there as well.

Several small items were found on all of the cars but they overall were in good shape. Most items were fixed on the spot and consisted of missing cotter keys, wishbone safety wire, loose nuts and a battery box wood platform that needs to be replaced. Bill noted that no one got under his "Model A" hotrod to do an inspection. The fact is no one could FIT under his hotrod and that includes slender Sue Wright!

Thanks to all who participated. We got a little work done and a lot of much needed visiting.

There are several cars that have come up for sale. I would say we have a "glut" of cars for sale. Check with Renee Watters or Nick Nicoletta who have all the information on them!

Stan Evenson


It is with great sadness that we've learned of Stan Evenson's passing the afternoon of April 20th. Stan passed away peacefully in his sleep and in his favorite chair.

We want to extend our condolences to his loving wife Sandra and the rest of Stan and Sandra's family an friends.

Rest in peace Stan. Your family and friends will not forget you or the happiness you brought into each of our lives.

COVID has resurfaced in quantity in many areas. Pierce County has gone back into "phase 2" due to the increase there.
Wear your masks!

We will start planning the CANAM 2021 "assuming" that the border will be open. If you'd like to help by all means step up and be counted!

I've decided to move the base of operations to the Bellingham area for a couple of reasons but most importantly, the scenic roads. Have located a base of operations so need to set up a trip north to fine tune our needs with them.




Carbon Canyon Model T
events for 2021 To Be Determined



January 1 Happy New Year
January 11 Can-Am Meeting - Bonney Lake Tavern @ 11am
February 15-16 Early Bird Swap Meet @ Puyallup Fairgrounds March
March 14 Almost Spring Swap Meet @ Puyallup Fairgrounds
April! 3-5 Portland Swap Meet
April 14 Daffodil Parade - Orting
April 11 MT Vernon Swap Meet @ Skagit County Fairgrounds
May 5 Puyallup High School Car Show
May 16-17 Monroe Swap Meet @ Evergreen State Fairgrounds
June ?? Yakima Swap Meet @ State Fair Park
June 10 Buckley Soup Supper
June 18-23 International Ford Model T Club Tour - Spokane, WA
June 27 Buckley Log Show / Parade
July ?? ! Rice Museum Tour
July 18 Wilkeson Handcar Races / Parade
August 1 Picnic @ Mud Mountain Dam in Chinook Shelter
August 22 Golden Ear CC / Picnic @ Orting Soldier’s Home
August 29 Ashford Steak Run
September 5-7 Ocean Shores Run
September 17 - 20 Can-Am Tour
September ?? Tour the Plateau Assisted Living w/BBQ
October 3 Red Hat Days - Orting
October 10-11 Monroe Swap Meet @ Evergreen State Fairgrounds November
November 7-8 Bremerton Swap Meet @ Kitsap County Fairgrounds
December 5 Annual Club Christmas Party CANCELED!



That's all for now.


2016 Whistlin' Jack Tour led by Jerry Ostbye


Remember to bring your Model T so I can take your picture of it and you so I can add you to our members page. John and Lora Ford are the most recently added!




Don't forget to order your jackets!



Shawn Reiman at Shawn has the prices and contact information for the embroidery and has graciously volunteered to head this effort for us. Thanks Shawn!


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